Our History

The Early Years

Prior to opening The Denture Lab in 2007, Terry, a carpenter by trade, became a dental technician in 1984 when an accident made a career change necessary. Terry began his career as a dental technician in Heber Springs, Arkansas. And, in 1985, Terry and his wife Leslie opened their first dental laboratory for repairs and relines. In 1986 they established a full-fledged removables laboratory.

After successfully developing and running the dental lab in Arkansas, they moved the lab and themselves to Bruce, Mississippi. With much hard work and dedication they together grew the lab’s clientele and was approached with an offer to sell their lab. Terry agreed to continue working there as a technician for several years.

The Denture Lab

On July 1, 2007 Terry and Leslie opened their current business, The Denture Lab, in Pontotoc, MS. Quickly the new business began to grow, as did their reputation for doing quality work and providing personal service. As the business grew they began adding employees to help keep up with demand for their services.

Today their clientele has grown from just a few doctors in the early days to doctors covering three states – and growing.

A Commitment to Excellence

As evidenced by a growing list of products, a point of focus for Terry and Leslie is providing the latest and best products. There is continually new and improved equipment and products on the market. Terry and Leslie are committed to keeping The Denture Lab in the forefront of the technology available.