Case Check List

Please make sure you’ve checked off each of the items on the list below. This helps insure you case doesn’t get damaged in shipping and we have everything we need for completion.


  • Complete Rx with Signature
  • Tooth Shade
  • Acrylic Shade
  • Impressions
  • Opposing Model
  • Bite Registration (Indicate midline and plane of occlusion)
  • Study Model
  • Did you pack models securely


Please note that the condition of models, etc., that we receive directly affect our ability to do the work correctly. Proper packaging to prevent damage to models and bite registrations with midlines and planes of occlusion marked clearly and correctly will help prevent resets and thus reduce chair time for you and your patient. Resets that are necessary for failure to take these precautions may result in additional setup fees. Sub-standard models that could result in remakes may incur full charges if such remakes become necessary. We always would contact your office if any of these situations should occur. If your in-house lab personnel should need help or instructions on proper model fabrication and/or proper techniques for mixing and pouring casts, we would be happy to provide assistance in this area as a courtesy to you.