The success of our joint effort is directly dependent upon the communication we share. It is important each form is filled out in its entirety. Indicating your specific need and intention for each case submitted to the laboratory. To meet your objectives, provide us with as much detail as possible.

We provide business reply mailing labels for you to send cases to us and we ship the finished product back to you via UPS. We cover shipping cost both ways. In the event of a rush order, you will only the billed the difference in shipping costs. Additionally, we provide shipping boxes for your convenience.

If you prefer, you may call the Lab and we will send you an information packet that includes preprinted business reply labels.

Please note: We have experienced delivery delays with FedEx because their hours of delivery are not “user friendly”.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call.

Information Packet

We have an information packet available to you which includes information on our products, services, and shipping labels. Click the button below to request an information packet.

U.S. Postal Service

To ship via U.S Postal Service, click the button below to download a printable USPS business reply label. We cover the complete shipping expense when using USPS.


To ship via UPS simply click the button below, fill out the form and we’ll fax or email you a label.
* Additional fees may apply.

Call Us

As always, you can call us and we’ll walk you through the whole process.¬†662.253.5280