We at The Denture Lab continually strive to offer the highest quality work and service while being the most efficient in controlling completion time and expenses. The lab schedule below will help you know when your casework will be completed**.
Set-Up Dentures & Acrylic Partials
4 Lab Days*
Process & Finish
3 Lab Days*
Bite Rims, Trays
2 Lab Days*
2 Lab Days*
2 Lab Days*
Cast Metal Framework
10 Lab Days*

Please take into consideration the turn-around times are “in lab” and do not include pickup-up and delivery days. When determining total turn-around time please add 2 days to account for pick-up and delivery.

* Lab days are Monday – Friday

** Occasionally days in lab may vary based on workload. When this occurs, we will contact you with the projected delivery date so you may adjust your schedule, if necessary.